Monday, December 19, 2005

Movie Updates

I have been watching movies! Imagine that! Yes, with the schoolage over with, I have time for media. And this is what I saw:

Aeon Flux - Louie suggested it. Saw it with Nick and John and Louie. Damn good. Like the animated story, but more linear. I'm inspired to wear more black and hide cool gadets in my boots.

Kung Pow Enter the Fist - Nick's little treat for me. All I can say is wow.. And WeeOooWeeOooWeeOoo! Haa haa.

Final Fantasy VII Advent Children - Another one of Nick's treats. I enjoyed the story... and the soundtrack.

On other notes, Nick's been very patient teaching me to Smash on the GameCube.. And I'm finally getting the hang of tetris sans keyboard.

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Rafael said...

I need to go see aeon flux