Tuesday, December 13, 2005

deific doo doo

5 finals.. 2 days

Economics - Today 1:30pm
Statistics - Wednesday 7:30am
Circuits - Wednesday 10:30am
Controls - Take home due Wednesday 1:30pm
BioMechanics - Take home due Wednesday 1:30pm

Death. on a stick.

Hints to my survival: Music by Nakia and quality time with theNick.

Let it be noted... I will most likely be brain dead in the very near future... Any contact should be done via comments/email/some written form I can refer to later once the grey matter rematerializes.


dayoldfish said...

Go Kick some ass!

Anonymous said...

Dayyuuhhmmmm! That ties my record of 5 in 48 hrs. Good karma wishes 2 U!
See you Friday
A in H-town

Tygriss said...

Thanks guys! I need all the Karma and Juju's sent my way!

Anonymous said...

looking forward to winter wonder drive to lubbock on friday dj and family

Rafael said...

Just think, Thursday, it'll be all over. Good Luck!

TheQuotient said...

Yeah, I hope everything ends okay...
I'll be in Houston for the new year and stuff. If you are in the area, we could link up :)