Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Asthma can kill

"Its 2005 almost 2006 and asthma still kills people"

Today, I made an appointment and finally saw the doctor about this 'not being able to breathe very well' sort of thing. I'd been coughing and hacking and not being able to breathe lying down for a day and a half, figuring a dose of 'tussin will do the trick, i didn't do much else for it. For the record: I have asthma. And asthma kills. Fortunately, it hasn't killed me.

My O2 saturations hovered around the 90's, though I bet during my ordeal up and down the stairs at the apartment, they hit around 70%. My pulse was a racing 118. Peak flow meter was a miserable 120. (For the record the O2's below 90 and low peak flows like 120 means patient gets shipped to the hospital). Yeah, I wasn't doin so well. So, naturally I got the lecture about the health and the keeping the meds in check. Also got the ''listen to Nick when he tells you to go see a doctor" talk, too. Got threatened with ER visits. Eeeeeeugh.

Three breathing treatments and $120 in medicines later, I'm breathing and finally able to walk across my apartment without getting winded. And to think a month ago, I stuck through two halves of a soccer match.

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