Sunday, November 27, 2005


The short and dirty:

There was me, Nick, and Yasser in town for the occassion. Turkey was made at Nicks. The outside was charred... like something from an opening scene of CSI. The inside was hella juicy with the goodness of injected sauces and mushroom 'n' rice stuffing. The pumpkin pie was also made at Nicks. Conflicting previous knowledge, package instructions, and the toothpick test left a 15 minute pie in for 3 hours. Came out tasty, but with the consistency of stucco. Mojitos were just awesome, though nothing like SuziFoos. I *heart* the SuziFoo Mojitos.

I also now have my own fleet of Pirates. Ha.


Rafael said...

Opening scene of CSI, nice imagery

Rafael said...

I just thought of something, what kind of pirates? Butt pirates?

Anonymous said...

J-girl sez "Dude, I was gonna bring The Lemons(TM)!" No soda-chanh 4 U?

(Beg appropriately here)

Tygriss said...

OMG.. TheLEMONS!! *drool* must bring TheLEMONS(TM) puhleeze!

I so totally made sodaChan yesterday with fresh lime. :-)