Thursday, November 10, 2005

Social Commentary on "That Guy"

That guy. Y'know the one, he's always trying to scam theSystem™ every chance he gets. Let's take a look at the ones I came across this past weekend, shall we?

Econo-flyer Elite wannabe
This is that guy that wants to walk on the "for Continental's Elite customers only" plush blue mat before he gives the ticket check person his ticket. He also thinks his stealthy ninja skills will let him on the plane with the "Elites" even if his ticket is just as Econo as mine... and two rows back. Have to love that look on his face when the lady says, "back of the other line, please".

In the First Boarding Group scammer
So econo guy thinks he's all smart and uses his l33t skills to reserve his seat online, right behind first class.. because that makes you first class by proximity. Well, Continental is cool in that they think ahead enough to board from the back of the plane forward so this guy gets to board last.... Until he "sorta lost his ticket but is in the row45-49 group". Continental hires some pretty smart ticket checkers that don't fall for that trick. Back of the line, mister!

Just my luck, that guy's in my row. And while I was asleep, he ate my peanut pack and left two empty peanut bags in the empty center seat.. just for me.

The Hertz "gold" member
If you rent enough, and could use the extra convenience, Hertz has a gold member program... The gold members even get their own rental building away from the rest of us regular renters, with their own special peoples and their special cars.... Funny thing is, if you're not golden, and you plop off the bus at the gold member's building... they can't help you! And even though the Hertz bus driver told him that, and Tubby man's wife begged him to just sit down, Tubby man wanted to get off anyway because by golly, he was worthy of some gold treatment... Sucked to walk the extra city block with your luggage to get to the regular Hertz rental building didn't it, Tubby man?

The grad student from India
So this guy comes to an international conference to deliver his paper, live and in person. Might as well see if he can scam a few dollars off registration to spend at Disney since he's here! Gosh, there's no way he can pay the $600 registration fee, he just paid $1000 to get here. Could he just pay the $20 student fee, he is a student after all....Sure he can pay as a student, but then he can't deliver his paper. Well what if he just paid the student fee and kind of magically show up and deliver his paper and claim a clerical error? ...."looking please ma'am, let me pay this and I will tell them it is just mistake, my english not good, you did not understand me, simple error. i am here they cannot say no"...That's like saying, just let me get by and I'll tell them you didn't do your job right. And they can say no.

Seriously, people. Don't be that guy. The plane will get there with you and your luggage whether you get on before me or not. A Hertz car is better than no car at all. And people aren't always as dumb as you'd like to think that they were...especially when your money's involved.


TheQuotient said...

I won't be That Guy :)
Life is better when you post. Hehe.

Tygriss said...

I'll keep that in mind, dear.