Wednesday, November 30, 2005

In the Time of the Crunchy

A week and a half left of schoolage. Then it's over. ForEvAr!

So as you can gather, I've not put in a lot of nini time in the past couple of days. In fact, if I weren't writing this, I could be taking a powernap that I wouldn't wake up from. And this is why I'm not napping.

Crunch time it is. Last minute crunching of the material into the grey matter. Finishing projects with nanoseconds left to spare. Things like that. Those of you peoples that want to go back to school.. imagine me grabbing you by the shoulders and shaking you violently.. asking you "aarr you mAAd!?!" Or asking you for a caffinated drink. Something I could use right now. That and some DayQuil.

So the last time I really slept was what.. Sunday? I don't even know what today is.. It was a nap with theCrunchy. Crunchy is a fleece blankie that resides on Nick's bed... or between his bed and the wall... his name is Crunchy because at somepoint in a previous lifetime he acquired a dollop of heavy duty high strength hair gel... that and I have a habit of naming things.

Things that keep me going: DigitallyImported music, knowing that 3pm Friday is ahead of me which is when I will nap in a Crunchy burrito, having to clean the litter box daily.

Thing that is pissing me off: The pimple in my nose. Not the kind that develop on the inside that make you sneeze. Not the kind that's on the outside that everyone sees. The kind that's inside inside, between the inner nose and the outer nose, that squishy material. Gah!

Thing that made my day: Battery died in the ginormous calculator during my midterm.
Thing that made up for it: Kicking Jon in the shin, because he asked me to.

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