Friday, November 11, 2005

3am ponderings

I have a month left.

One whole month.

Somewhere between 40-60% of my grades left to make.

I finally met the dark mysterious guy in Sambas that I saw every other morning at the bus stop.

I finally got all my laundry laundered.

Soccer is awesome. So is jogging with A-Train. I need to jog more. With A-Train.

Dark mysterious guy (Nick) has friends that remind me of my friends... they're just like we were back in the day. Good times.

There are actually people here I'm going to miss. And that sucks. Because I was all ready to up and leave this joint... People like: Tiffani, A-Train, Nick, Louis, my personal Brazilian.

Soccer players are hot.

Being body slammed by a soccer player is not so hot.

I should sleep and eat on a more regular basis.

I should read more comics.


TheQuotient said...

Good luck with the rest of the semester! I'm rOOting for ya...

Tygriss said...

Thanks Michael... you know I need it!