Sunday, October 2, 2005


Weekend was spent in Dallas. Did the SLTS thing with ASME. Plane was late, and the hotel was out of rooms so I got to stay with M&V in the "Texas Room". I think I was supposed to comment on the rattlesnake on the nightstand, but seeing as how my snake's still missing, I kinda would like to see him on my nightstand. Miss Blanche is quite cute as ever, 3 years old!! I can't believe it. I didn't get pictures this time, I was busy sucking down the goodness that was homemade pesto sauce and pasta.

Spent Saturday night and Sunday with PhuPhu. The whole lack of internal GPS in her head isn't apparent until one rides around with her.. and mom. Wilbur, the new puppy, is soo nini! He's extremely well behaved and has an instant lazy mode. Very much like Phu ;-). Missed seeing dad. Mom is doing well. Ate at On the Border, and omg, I'm in love with their chicken enchiladas.

Came back and had lunch at the OysterBar with Joel. Info session with BP... Interview tomorrow.

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