Saturday, October 15, 2005

Google Tag Meme

Raf tagged me to post google images of:

1. Where I grew up:
Most of my growing up happened in Fort Worth. One of the places I enjoy visiting:
The Bass Concert Hall - Fort Worth, Tx

2. Where I live now:
Currently in Lubbock, Texas where the land could not be flatter. Its perfect for the Wind Research Facility that's near campus:

3. My name:
Well my name brought up a picture of me... fancy that:

4. My grandmother's name.... How about I leave this one out.

5. Favorite food:
Sushi. Specifically: Uni.

6. Favorite Drink:
I like me a pina colada:

7. Favorite Song:
primitive radio gods: standing outside a broken phonebooth with money in my hands.

8. Favorite Smell:
My favorite is: Aqua DiGio, but the hot guy wears Lucky... and I like how it smells on him. I'm also partial to peppermint bathsoap.

9. Favorite Sound:
The Sound of Rain

I now tag: SambaMike, SamIAin't, and JoshPosh to do the same.

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