Wednesday, October 12, 2005

For Posterity....

Conversation from earlier today:

me: must install new version of software. new version = less poopie.
mindy: unfortunately not true for humans.
me: this is true. which makes me think...
me: i noticed that with every iteration of "guys i meet that i could so date", they become exponentially less and less available. when i was 20, i couldn't keep boys off me, but they had serious flaws...and now... they're newer and improved, better, longer lasting, no artificial additives, comes with car and own job even. but increasingly less available.
mindy: yeah really!
me: i should blog this for posterity.
mindy: agreed
me: so when i die in a state of less than alone, people will know why. not that they would care, really, but it would be documented for science's sake.
me: <-- such the martyr
mindy: indeed. *tosses roses* *applause*
me: *deep bow* *tears* *wave* *exits stage left*
mindy: lol
mindy: i once asked a kid i was babysitting whether he wanted to save his leftover ketchup on his plate for posterity. he said, "who's that?"


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finally a blog about me

Rafael said...

what the heck in this blog has anything to do with you? You’re such a c%ck smokin cigarette sometimes.