Friday, October 14, 2005

About the future

Graduation is weeks away. For those of you who want the formal e-vite, make sure I have your email address. No fancy schmancy parchment with scrolly script and shiny letters. I'm not pulling in the dough just yet.

Same questions from the grownups: Found a job yet? The honest answer is no. The real answer is.. I'm more worried about actually graduating, so I haven't seriously looked.

Mom and dad are both worried because I don't have the bestest gpa. I started with a 3.46, to now below a 3.0. Mom will call one day and tell me to put everything in the hands of the BigManUpstairs™. The next day she's telling me to beg my professors for better grades. Then she tries to smooth over with the 'how's Vivi doing'. He's not caring about a gpa he can't change, mom.

Imagine my frustration.

And I could go on about mean professors and decisions made. But I won't. I'm also not going to shed my dignity and boohoo for a higher letter grade. So I'm not the smartest kid and I have to study and work twice as hard as the next guy, but I don't spend hours putting hmwk in my calculator... and I'm certainly not going to put on waterworks for a grade.

Yes I've interviewed with a few companies. Two I like so far. Only one has been highly disappointing. I say that only because the interviewer kept staring at the wall while I was talking and I wanted to ask if he was bored. Everyone else seemed nice enough.

So, I'll find a jobbie job. Move to a real city. Get a Masters, and an MBA. Be not a poor student anymore. And that's the plan.


dayoldfish said...

or you could always look into getting a sugar daddy

Rafael said...

you shoulda started talkin nonsense during that interview to see if he’d notice.

Tygriss said...

heee. it was already a 30 minute interview that got dragged to close to an hour. i did ask though, in a round about way... why they interviewed me if their cut off for gpa's was insanely higher than mine. his response: "good question"

dayoldfish said...

Did he say good question because it was a good question or because he was expecting less from you

Tygriss said...

think "quota buster".

TheQuotient said...

Good luck with the joBBy-jOb search. Interviews suck.

Tygriss said...

Thanks Michael... And yes, yes they do. Oh so very much. But it gives me a reason to dress up and put on war paint in the morning!!