Saturday, September 17, 2005

Sharing my Saturday with You.

In the interest of doing as little laundry as possible for the next few weeks - I hate doing laundry here, the machines are 1/2 the size and they cost $1.75 a load - I have created my very first pile of clothes to give away to goodwill*. Boy does that feel good. My hallway is now filled with whites, colors and darks that I will eventually wash, but I'm also in the middle of DeCluttering(TM) as RoomieJosh recently experienced... Z would be proud.

Guess who called me?! Seda! I hadn't heard from the little chica in over 4 months!! Somehow most of that 14 minute conversation was about the boys I met in Houston while I was intown for J&A's wedding. Which reminds me, I should tell Judy that story, too. Elizabeth called today as well, but I missed it. I called and left a message. I really need to call her back. Jason called, talked about the happy couple and booze. I learned that beer can, in fact, go bad.

I've thrown away all of the paper clutter that lived in the corner of the dining room. I've thrown away all the Victoria Secret Catalogs, there'll be more coming in the next few weeks. I chunked the receipts for things I can't return. And, I'm wondering where the rest of my Saturday went.

Thirteen more weeks. I still can't believe it!

I need go do other stuff, hang up my clean clothes and do homework.

*before you all think i'm donating dirty clothes... these hadn't been worn since i washed them last.

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dayoldfish said...

You CAN'T throw away the Vicky S catalogs! Raf is weeping at his desk right now.