Wednesday, September 7, 2005

Say it like you mean it

"Why do people say they're not trying to be difficult when we all know they are?"

Ah yes. Good question posed earlier today by a fellow ponderer.
Of course, I have a habit of saying that to people who are trying to be difficult with me. And so I share with you, some of our other favorite from The Lies We Tell:

“I’ll call you tomorrow”
followed by “I’m so glad you called me”
"I hope you have a great day"
“I miss you”
"Oh, it's big"
"That feels good"
"You're the best ever"
"Of course i did, did you?"
“I don’t think about anyone but you”
"That's not my porn, I'm holding it for a friend"
"Your friends are great"
"It's not you.. it's me"
"more than a handful is a waste"
and the biggest one “I love you, I’m just not in love with you”

Sorry, Raf, I had to save this one for posterity.