Thursday, September 22, 2005

*** Rita Evac Update ***

3:30pm Thursday 9/22: It's been 25 hours and Choom's still not to Conroe. Traffic's at 2 mph.

--updated as I get phone calls--
10:30pm: Choom is just past Conroe, gonna be outta gas soon.
10:30pm: A&J left @ 4am and are just north of Houston, heading east, same gas situation.

11:40pm: A&J are gonna make a move for D&Kathy's place if traffic allows.
12:30am Friday 9/23: Choom's in Huntsville, looking for gas.

1:00pm Friday 9/23: Choom & GF & Bowski & Jackie are home.
6:19pm: A&J are with D&Kathy.

A&J, D&Kathy, Choom & Crew are all okay.. KHOU Channel 11 has their crazy news crew hanging out at the SanLuis watching the water beat the crap out of Galveston if anybody cares to watch. They're showing it here in Lubbock on the Fox Weather Channel.

--final update--
3:00pm Monday 9/26: A&J are back home. The boys are home. Mom&Dad are staying with them for a couple of days before heading back.

Choomy isn't going back until probably Thursday.

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