Monday, September 5, 2005

Return from long weekend

Back from H-Town where me and my friends witnessed A&J becoming Mr & Mrs A&J. It was a beautiful ceremony and once again I got to meet up with all of the old AustinFamilyCrew. Sonia and the sisters looked gorgeous in their emerald green saris and the men were delicious in their sapphire vests and coat tails. *drool*

I was glad to see/hang out with Elizabeth, Vinnie & Mark, Marcus, and A's sexy brother Jason. Also got to meet A's family and the rest of J's sisters. Lost the bet on whether or not I would meet her dad. More importantly, I got to participate in a family tradition* and now I'm marked and will live in fear of my "big" day.

The other huge highlight for the weekend: partying with Jeremy!
My hottie was in town for training before he's shipped off to the LandDownUnder™ and I got to hang out in his hotel between ceremony action. We went downtown Saturday to the FlyingSaucer (his new favorite houston place) for some beer - though we almost didn't make it... the driver of our van couldn't decipher the gas guage. It was so bad, one guy kissed the ground when we finally made it downtown. I had *the most* fun drinking and clubbing with Jeremy and his friends than I've had in a damned long time. (Probably also helped that I was 1 girl with 9 other guys - a couple of them were rather delicious!!) If Jeremy ever posts those pictures, I'll have to share.

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