Friday, September 9, 2005

Overheard on the bus...

"And he's like all drama all the time! I swear, it's either him or his cat. He's always going on about his cat. The damned cat! First it had fleas, and fleas were like everywhere, on like everything, and we had to get like this flea killer. And then the fleas were gone. And then oh, no, then he finds out the cat has worms, and I'm like keep that cat away from me! Oh my god! He finds anything about that cat and makes it like a big deal. Seriously! I'm tired of it! It's like now that cat's his sole responsibility. I mean after his mom left his dad, and he had that wreck, and then they took his kid away from him, this cat's like his main thing. He loves this cat!..."

The front half of the bus, who was sharing what was left of the airspace couldn't stop laughing. But little blondie, with the i'm not sure who told her it was trendy to wear a bikini top instead of a bra under a tanktop, and very very loud annoying voice kept going. Times like this I wish I had the super hero power of jamming cellphone signals.

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