Tuesday, September 6, 2005

It's not the GT3

Pretty isn't it? At first glance, the pretty baby is really a pretty baby. Bright shiny saffron yellow and all kinds of tiny - just enough for me and my baby iBook. And even better when driven by a hottie. (I have a thing for hotties)

Definitely something to tool around in for that 'special' weekend. It's like a miata's richer, fancier, high-maintenance sister. And you have to turn and twist and push buttons just so to get it to start, almost cute in a quirky way. But sorry peeps, it's not the GT3. *le sigh*. My one true love.

EDIT:: In this month's Consumer Reports, 6 roadsters were tested. One of them was the Lotus. And guess what, it came in Dead Last. So to the losers in Lubbock who think I don't know anything about cars, BooFreakinYa.

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