Sunday, August 28, 2005

Real Quick...

Here's a rundown since I last saw internet....

Thursday: Last day of work @ the internship. Hard to say good bye because everyone is just so great over there. Put in the hours, wrote the reports, cleaned up, left quietly. *sniffle*

Friday: Met Nakia after all these years of hearing stories and his awesome music. Attempted wakeboarding, since Sean has a boat, and lives by the water, and says it's easy... ended the day with a nice tan, and a cracked butt bone (i don't know, really, but it still hurts)

Saturday: Said g'bye to the littleBailey and roomie for the summer and drove on home to the Metroplex where I hung out with PhuDitty and Mommy.

Sunday: Met, for the first time ever, two of the sweetest men in my life: my mini-god-siblings Rodney and Andy. Dan's their Dad. O M G! Never have I met young men so handsome and well mannered and absolutely the most ruthless at Monopoly!! Andy's a sweetheart, he's the handsome one who'll do anything for the pretty girls (PhuDitty started out with no property, and then ruled the board thanks to SugarDaddyAndy). Rodney, he's the handsome heartbreaker. He's promised to come visit for a Tech FB game this semester ;-) I can't wait!

Monday: Lounged. Shaved Vivi. And at his request, and out of respect, I'm not posting pictures.

Tuesday: Drove back to the armpit of Texas. Stinky.

Wednsday - Friday: Cleaned house, got mail, got ready for school.

Saturday: Awaited the Arrival of Baby iBook! I now have my very first piece of Apple equipment! Worked there for years, was given all kinds of fun stuff, but never a computer. Finally got one!! And omg, have you seen these things?!

Today: School tomorrow. eugh. First day of my Last Semester in Buttocks. 16 weeks, the countdown begins..... now.

bonus:: becasue everyone loves the pictures, check these out.

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