Monday, August 29, 2005

In addition to...

For going on 3 years now, the bloggie blog has entertained you with tales of why I call this place Buttocks, Tx. The armpit of Texas. The cigarette butt in the ashtray of society. And today, folks, on The First Day of School for the Last Time Ever™, i present to you yet another joocy piece of only-in-Lubbock goodness... 3 bus incidents: (1) in a walmart parking lot, the corner of the bus got clipped by a local (2) bus driver tried to take a turn, not realizing the bus they're driving is huge, took out the front end of a truck and (3) bus driver takes out a yield sign. bad yield sign. bad.

Because I needed another reason to park my car in a grassy patch 100 yards from the nearest vehicle, roadway.

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Azzurra said...

You never know. You could always end up going to grad school and having yet another first day of class.

I have to work on Labor day. Blech!