Thursday, August 11, 2005

butterflies and nerves

Presentations make me nervous, until I'm giving them. I get a metric ass ton of butterflies in my tummies about 3 days before and they take their time leaving.

So this is me nursing a metric ass ton of hungover belly butterflies.

This also makes me easily annoyed at the fur elise playing icecream van outside the window. arg.


Anonymous said...

30 years ago
I recall a hymm that was consolation for butterfles and nerves.
Yahweh is God of my foundation
I trust in Him
I have no fear
I sing of the joy that His love gives to me
And I draw deeply from the springs of his salvation.
I used to think that nerves were a lot more intangible. I have recently come to know how tangible and strong they really are.


Anonymous said...

Here's to getting past a difficult presentation!

BTW, nice unit of measurement! ;)


Hugs - A & J