Wednesday, July 6, 2005

What the?

I never have my camera or my palm pilot at my fingertips when I see these things - and I bet if I had a camera phone it'd be elsewhere too. So last week driving to work I was cut off by a plain white truck with a sticker on the side that read: "Texas Department of Aggression and Rehabilitative Services". I let it go, because knowing my wordage issues I could have *thought* i saw it, or maybe someone wanted to ride around looking official all day. Well then this morning I saw another white non-descript truck speeding by me with the sticker that read: "Texas Department of Aging and Disability Services".

Texas can spend the money it has any way it wants. But if Texas is going to buy these non-descsript trucks with stickers for Agression, Rehabilitative, Aging, and Disability, they need to not be cutting me off on the road and speeding by me. That, or Angry old people need to be given these white trucks before they journey to the grocery stores on Saturday morning.

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