Monday, July 18, 2005


where were you....
30 years ago:

Clutched to my momma's breast in a Florida refugee camp dehydrated and as bald as could be.

20 years ago:
Riding my bike in a Benbrook neighborhood, not watching for cars behind me, making sudden turns and scaring the crap out of myself as the cars - I should have been watching for - slam on their brakes to avoid having a 10 year old spashed on to their grill.

10 years ago:
Getting back from a 4 mile run with my Army Reserve Roomie and thinking about how best to avoid the "boyfriend".

5 years ago:
Working at the Froot Company. Probably miserable. Hiding under my desk. Or downloading the most obscene and useless pieces of desktop software I could find.

1 year ago:
Swimming laps at the gym next door to the hotel where I was living. Cursing the sunburn I got at the Autocross the day before, and wondering if I'll ever find me a hot guy who loves the cars I love as much as I do.

1 month ago:
At the Indianapolis Motor Speedway watching the qualifying runs with the hot guy who loves the cars I love as much as I do.

2 weeks ago:
Taking the post-work nap and/or counting down the minutes until the hot guy who loves the cars I love as much as I love them would call me and tell me how his day went.

1 week ago:
Had a horrific dream about M.S. crashing his car into a wall and dying in a ball of flame and just knowing I didn't want to talk to the "boyfriend".

Driving back to Austin after an afternoon of shopping with mom and singing to a Beatles song with Vivi.

About to go for a nice long jog until the sun goes down, doing some much needed thinking.

Probably more jogging, dinner with a friend, and maybe a movie.


Anonymous said...

30 yrs ago I visited that camp at Eglin AFB FL
I met the first family that came to Mobile, Choi, Phuoc, and their baby daughter. They came to live in an apartment at my house on Michigan Avenue.
20 years ago I saw you again in Ft Worth after you had lived in Houston for a while after you moved from Mobile

I have a family now in Fort Worth
Linda, my wife and my two sons Rodney 10 and Andy 7

Interestingly enough Rodney has been excited about TX Tech for some time now (he wants to be a police officer). We were in Lubbock in April for D.I. state competition and again in May passing through on vacation.


Anonymous said...


Where are U know? give us your contact email or phone.


Anonymous said...

Tygriss said...

Dan! What a surprise!! :-D It's great to hear from you!

*Everybody, this is my god-brother!*