Tuesday, July 5, 2005

celebrating independence without losing fingers

I found me an awesome place to finish out my summer. I'm staying at a co-worker's house that's quite a bit aways from where I was, but the drive is so worth haveing a/c and running water.

Then there was Effie's bachelorette party... and there was a dancer. Not like any other dancer that might come into your head when you think 'dancer at a bachelorette party. So I won't blind your imagination and leave it at that.

The Independence Weekend itself wasn't so bad. I was due for a free ticket to Annoyance Town, and it was delivered courtesy of the Alvarado Police Dept. Apparently, they got hooked on to the 'online wave' that everyone's getting into and had to find some way to pay that bill. Atleast Officer Hitler admitted that I was one of 15 cars going the same speed - I knew they couldn't all be donut gorging waterheads. I wished him a enjoyable weekend and he gave me a face like he let out a fart that he was paining to hold in.

The bro brought home a little friend for his little friend. Jackie's a cute half chihuahua half terrier piece of happiness! Nothing like being woken up with happy dog tounge at 7am. Bowski's the same old puppy that pees when he sees you. Gotta love that warm feeling.

The drive back was uneventful and the kitties were happy to see me - I brought Vivi home some of mama's rice soup. He loves that rice soup. And Little One. Little Tchaikovski. He's special. He needs his very own short bus. He eats like he hasn't seen food his whole life and he's not just curious about everything, he's curious about the same things - over and over and over again.

But that was my weekend. How was yours? The all seeing server knows you visit so drop a line, you online stalking wierdos. :-)


Sam said...

beer and cake! that was my 4th.

Anonymous said...

One of my sidelines...
I teach defensive driving...
Usually in Arlington...
but not every week...sometimes not every month...depending on how busy my main occupation is.