Saturday, July 23, 2005

As is customary when these things happen...

It is always good to celebrate. Especially when it has to do with getting rid of excessive baggage and the acceptance of a new jobby job.

Thursday night was college night at the local Grahams. And, just like the good ole days with my good friend Seducious, there was much drinking, much dancing, and much aquisition of the good juju. Z and I had some crazy-a$$-&boobie fun. Then there was the Friday 3 hour sushi ordeal involving collars and the Where In the World Is The PostOffice Adventure.

Congrats to Z on her jobby job... and congrats to me for surviving my obligatory 2-weeks without getting kicked out of a bar, missing work, and/or visiting with peace officers (and EMS personnel). Good times.

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