Wednesday, June 1, 2005

Where've Hieu Been?

I'm finally moved into my little space for the summer and doing another tour here. They got me working out at a powerplant in Bastop County. Nice country out there. The morning drive is awesome with some great scenery, even for 6am. It's hard getting to sleep around 11pm and getting up at 5. Throws off my whole sleep-by-3:30am routine. And there's no way I can survive at work on the usual 3 hours of sleep!

The SAE competition as fun. I've posted my pictures. For that as well as my sisters graduation. And the autox in Dalhart.

I've been spending a lot of the free time and the past long weekend catching up on sleep from the semester and paying all the fun bills that need to be paid becuase I've conviently forgotten about them until now.. Yeah. Fun.

The my pre-nini-time is spent talking to my hottie who's spending his summer up in Amarillo with his family. :-) That's good stuff right there! I get to see him again in a few weeks when we go to Indianpolis for the F1 US GrandPrix!!

And it's about that time again. Me needing sleep. I'll be more on the ball with this bloggy blog now that I'm settled. Ooo, and before I forget, I have a *baton* to post... that'll come soon.

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