Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Tidbits from the Random, Evil, and SoYaKnow

I need to update the list of bloggies that I read so that the rest of you can share in the everyday procrastination that I partake of every now and again. When I get it updated, you will be able to browse through posts like this one... and become exposed to things like this which will leave you wondering what exactly is wrong with japanese construction companies. Plus you get to see my comments on the latest fashion craze.

Random and just slightly evil is this fashion craze that I was so horridly introduced to: ganguro and its Xtreme version: yamanba. Wow. Google yourself some photos, I dare not post links here.

Evil is Wells Fargo. They have pissed me off for the last time. And yes it took them 3 tries for me to finally vow to slice each and everyone of their individual and collective balls and move to a real bank that doesn't involve a western motif. That's right Fargo.

On the more happier note that is a Tuesday evening: Chris impresses me everyday. Everyday he surprises me with a little something he says or does. He's definitely proof that the niceguys are way better than the badboys. He has enough badboy in him to make me giggle, but not enough to make him a fixer upper. God knows I don't need anymore of those. So why couldn't I have found him earlier? Apparently God had Wells Fargo running the business Upstairs and my order got lost.

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ms_viko said...

Hi, Hieu!

I think Japan is a whole other planet sometimes. I did google ganguro and yamanba. Eeek!

Nice guys rule. I'm happy for you. :-)