Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Le Dramatica

Can't go too long without the drama you all love to read, so here we go:

I learned today that it is quite possible that it wasn't expected that I would be residing in this room that I currently occupy. And, I was pleasantly reminded why it is I enjoy people better from a great distance.

In a correspondence forwarded earlier today, the owners of said dilapidated homestead are curious as to my departure date. Even though it was made clear I would be here well into August. They need me to be removed as to fix the molded cellulose and faulty piping that is the bathroom I currently pay to use - but can't. Forget that I suffered my 1st week of allergy induced pneumonia from the moldiness. Apprarently this house was 'shown' yesterday to prospective renters...again interesting as I wasn't informed. Kinda like when I came home the other day and there was no running water. Ever heard of post-it notes? These are the same people that find their stove, which takes 20 years to boil water, something quaint and antique. There was concern for the 'smell of cat poo' in my room... to which i laugh. Having learned from Vi years ago living in a small room with him, I clean the box twice daily... the smell she so gracious decribed as awful comes from her preciously antiqued moldy bathroom and resident Febreeze fighting odors in the carpet. Had they finished the bathroom work over a year ago when it was originally a problem, this post would not exist.

A good friend of mine uses a word I never thought I'd find myself wanting to use. But as he would say, this situtation's jewish... and I'm being jewed. No matter, I have me a solution and the goodness that karma.

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