Wednesday, June 8, 2005

Grins of Wrath

Aaaah children. Some people's children. Or perhaps I'm out of touch with the modern day female. In the past few days, I was 'greeted', if you will, by these... women... with words and tones I know none of you who know me would ever use to my face. For example, the word 'bitch' was used twice in a condescending manner, and more recently with a coversation begining with 'how do you say your damn name'. Honestly, it's not as damned as her soul will forever be from this point on. Sure, it was all said in jest. But what kind of mother whore would raise their child to speak in such a manner to other people? No really! Who?

I've let it go, but I admit, I find it humorous.


Mehra said...

Hi, this is Mehra. I was the person on Dane's messenger when I asked how to pronounce your name. It was a joke between Dane and me since he said he had no idea how to pronounce your name. It wasn't meant to offend you, I apologize if it did, but really--lighten up. A college senior(?), and no offense, but I hear you're quite old (about 30), and you're getting upset about something so trivial? You act as if you're the only person in the world with a name that's difficult to pronounce. I've had my name butured since I was five and never once acted so immature as to call the mother of a person I don't know a WHORE on the internet. What kind of mother raises her child to do that? Apparently yours. Seriously, it wasn't meant to offend you. But I asked you how to pronounce your name and you say my mother is a whore? Toughen up! You're out of touch with modern day life (not modern day female) if you get offended by a few curse words and jokes. Sheesh.

Sam said...

what was that comment about being a college senior at 30 supposed to be about?
maybe you just need to burn in hell.

Mehra said...

That comment was supposed to be that it's ridiculous for a grown woman, or a college senior to get so worked up over nothing.

Anonymous said...

Hieu, the concept of reading must be lost on your young friend here. You clearly write: "Enjoy, contribute, but don't take me seriously, please." By the way, I love your writing!

And dear Mehra, you are much too excited over yourself. If anybody can take the real world with a grain of salt and make it funny - it's this girl. You could learn from her.

A faithful reader,