Saturday, June 4, 2005

Froot and Sushi

Had a half day yesterday and decided to visit the folkettes at the Froot Cube Farm in North Austin. Saw quite a few people that I knew when I was among the cube dwelling. Made my way around to see people that started with me, people who made cube dwelling bearable, and even my x. Ran into people I didn't think I'd see again, and people who put on some serious facial hair. And ofcourse I speak of Jack - as his friends call him. Jack's moved up to a nice looking crate there at the cube farm. A comfy one, too it seems like. He came by later on to take me to meet up with a couple other cool friends and we had sushi at Origami, a nice Sushi bar in/near the Pfloogerville/RoundRock area.

One thing to note: when really neat people sit next to you, and offer you rice wine, graciously accept. They're nice people and will probably send more interesting things your way. When they offer you a piece of Spicy Salmon, however... Say no. The Spicy is not spicy as you know it. Oh No. The spicy, if offered, will most likely come from a bottle locked back behind the counter with it's very own Warning tag. In Yellow. Laminated with some serious multi-ply plastic composite which protects it from the liquid inside. This is the spicy in the spicy salmon. And to conclude, I now I have a jinormous hole in my gut.

So, seein the Frootlettes was fun, sushi was good, the company was the best. And now it's 2 pm and I should get off my ass and do something productive.

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