Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Week in the shell of a nut.

After finals, I drove up on Thursday and met up with Mommy and flew with her to Nashville to watch FooFoo graduate. Me'n'her roamed around the 8 acres of the Opryland Hotel Lobby and I got to meet the new beau and the beau's mom. Flew back the next day and had Pho for dinner with Mommy at her fav pho place. Drove back home to Lubbock Saturday morning, picked up Chris and Peter and went to Amarillo for the AutoX on Sunday in Dalhart. Stayed at Chris's mom's lovely house and met his brother, the doggies, and his dad. I like his family, a lot. We got back Sunday evening and the guys and I worked on the SAE car until wee hours - this could be a long and drawn out story with details about the car that none of you want to read, so I won't write it. Early this morning we met up, loaded up the guys and the truck and they're on their way. I join them tomorrow via plane. Dood! Kick ass deals on airfare - roundtrip: $341.

So, the rest of today I caught up on much needed crazy sleep and visited Mr. O and Kevin. Kevin has my new stereo and it will be installed tomorrow.

And that's that. There are pictures for the graduation and the autox and the sae car, and I'll put them up soon. Until then... here, check out the car:

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