Thursday, April 28, 2005

Thursday Thoughts & Randomness

Ever wonder how to make it across town in a matter of minutes and hit all the green lights and no traffic? Follow an ambulence. Seriously. Most major streets, even in a podunk town like Buttocks, have those siren-sensors on the traffic lights that make/keep a light green until the emergency vehicle passes. And, most people pull over and stop and don't venture to continue until well after the emergency lights are off in the distance. That leaves one with a clear road, green lights, and no Q-tips* in Caddy's to swerve around. :-D

Earlier this week, I saw one of those commercials where Walmart claims they lower prices everyday. Everyday! So I have to ask... Why isn't anything free yet? I have to give them credit though, hotwheels are now $0.75 instead of $0.99 - but that took 3 years. I'd like to see them down to $0.10 so I can continue my collection**.

This is the last week of school. And I'm oh, still about 4 major exams, 3 labs, and 5 homework sets behind schedule. No big deal, I'll get through. Much more exotic happenings have been pulled from this magic monkey's*** ass. I will pass. I will graduate in December. I will survive****.

Those of you who know me as a student know my particular disdain for a certain Professor. Yes, you, too know him well. Your ass has been handed to you by atleast one of his quizzes. Well my three year campaign to have him recognized for the professor that he is has finally come to fruition! I have won. This is a good year everybody. A good year.

My MP3 Player, the iRiver H120 died yesterday. Thankfully, while under it's one year warranty. My music is now all gone, BUT I will have a brand new player... in 3 weeks.. i have no patience for these things.

So what's new with you?

* Q-Tips: old people with the big poofy hair, you've seen them
** I have this crazy collection of Ferrari and Porsche, take note, and my birthday is coming soon.. as always.
*** It's always about the Monkey. Monkey! Monkey!
**** Everybody sing with me now...


TheQuotient said...

Not a lot... :) This post put a big grin on my face...

Sam said...

Monkey! MonkeyMonkeyMONKEY!

my vacation begins today!