Saturday, April 23, 2005

On Leave

I'm taking a leave from existence. Please leave all packages/messages with the concierge.

*edited 4/25*
So I never did say why I wanted to disappear. Long story short: I was told by a guy that I was no longer attractive to him. This, AFTER he wakes up in my bed on a beautiful Saturday morning. And yes it did bother me that much. Yet another example of how everyday I wake up in Lubbock is a whole special little hell all it's own and I can't wait to leave.


Anonymous said...

We hope you return soon. :)
-A in H-town

Sam said...

I hope you gutted him like a fish.

Tygriss said...

You know me, sam... first i sit and let loose with the tears... then it it's time for them to go run and hide ;-)

Sam said...

you need to start off by nailing his foot to the floor. then you will have time for tears and hopefully his screams of agony will cheer you up a bit.