Friday, April 22, 2005

bad, good, and ugly

I'm 3 weeks behind. Thanks to RSC scooping up my life. And by life I mean homework time + my health. I lost my voice even. So now that I'm better, after 3 weeks at the doctors, and two rounds of antibiotics, and 2 inhalers... I'm physically better, but I'm behind like a pot-smokin-pr0n-watching teenager livin on pizza and soda.

No worries, I'm catching up thanks to my new friend Chris O. whose demanding nature and gracious heart helped me get my jinormously expensive antibiotics that are finally makeing me better. Yeah, Chris O. is one of those guys that's just so hella cool. He's like me, but cooler, and with more toys. He sings to himself, eats well at good places, and thinks exactly like me - but more like a guy. And Kevin, the little butt, shoulda introduced us earlier... because I coulda used some of theGoodness earlier in my college career. *sigh*

The Ugly? Here's to 2 more weeks of trying to pass yet another semester. Damn it.