Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Snow and Commercials

First: Snow! Again! Over "Spring Break"! And I'm not in Denver! AAAAAAH!

Second: There's a commerical here where a cowboy in full regalia - chaps with jinglies, cowboy hat spanning the width of his shoulders, dark shirt with bright highlights - falls from a fence and does this whole rolling around act where he's getting away from something.. that something is a Truck. Only in Texas.

In another local commercial, kids are playing "house" and another kid comes over offering to fix their plumbing. And they have these very down home-not quite southern-more backwoodsy drawl to their speech!! You know, where words like "now" and "time" become two syllable words: "naa-yow" and "tye-yeem". I hear people talk like this on a regular basis out here on the plains, and it has crossed my minds that they started speaking this way at some point in their lives... but to hear it come from the mouth of kids makes me cringe! It's the fingernails on chalkboard kinda thing.

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