Friday, March 25, 2005


I have Cox Communications for my "highspeed internet services", and as of right now....I do not have internet access.

At somepoint yesterday my connection died. I called and was walked through the rudimentary powercycling and rebooting of relevant machinery. Twice. Their computers tell them that's nothing wrong, except they can't see my modem. And my modem is telling me it can't see the outside world. Forget that as of two mintues ago, I had 47 unread emails, no.. I had to wait until MONDAY for them to come "check the lines". And they boast, "Fast, always-on connection". Ahh.. no. Sometimes I feel like telling the phone tech, "Look, dood, you're a 10 minute drive from my place.. You have a flowchart on how to fix this... Come over here and fix it." Then sometimes I think that they make rubber mallets for a reason, and that cable box outside could use some prettying up. Perhaps if it wasn't just me living in my building, other people would complain about the cable outage and someone would come fix it.

Maybe I should threaten to send their tech's a couple of Ebola Monkeys.

I miss you, my internet. *hugs*. Come home soon.

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Vincent said...

Or you could just call pretending to be a number of other people in your building ... actually, since they're working from a flow chart, you could record your end of the conversation, dial them up again, tell them a different name, and then just start playing your end of the conversation again.