Tuesday, March 8, 2005

MiniMeltDown or MidSemesterCrisis

I'm half way through the semester. It isn't going too bad. It isn't great either. It's better than it was last year at this time, for sure - I haven't made a trip to the hospital. But I don't have any of my usual peeps around either. One graduated and moved. One moved. The other is incommunicado or MIA, I never really know for sure. For once, my classes are great. It's my organizations that are giving me grief. It's either monsterous bills that need to be paid, large scale planning that needs to be done, or hideous numbers of other things that end up in my email or voicemail with "What do you want me to do?". In the real world, my world: I can pay rent for another month and then my account is bone dry - thanks Mr. Tuition Hike, who gets fatter and fatter... and Mr. Student Loan who is on some sort of diet.

For spring break, my phone will be off. My school email will go unchecked. I will sleep, and eat, and catch up with all the stupid paperwork - and at this time a week from now, I will be freeeeeeeee.

Thank you to Judy for the Get Sane Card. And thanks to DisneyMike and SambaMike for the daily photography pick me ups.

Everyone else, good night!


TheQuotient said...

You are vewwy welcome :) Have a great spring break!

TheQuotient said...

I forgot to mention: What is this "Picture A Week" project that you speak of?

disneymike said...

I'm flattered you enjoy my photoblog images, Hieu. Have a great Spring Break. Hey at least you get a Spring Break; none of that foolishness in the working world. ;)