Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Love Me Do

Back when it was just me and the nanny during the day. When I would make my 'friends' out of playdoh and Newsflash was a 3 minute Sesame Street skit. Back when I covered every single freckle-like spot with band-aids just because. Daddy would come home and throw on the record and I would sing... "love love me do, you know i love you".

Daddy's a huge Beatles fan. He would tell me over and over how he had every single record. He knew all of the names of all of the songs on all of the albums. I wanted to learn them, too. I wanted to be like my daddy! It couldn't be that hard. Afterall, the Beatles were the only people that made Music. Well, there were the Sesame street songs, but it wasn't music music. You know... record player music.

So I started my own list. I wrote down, as best I could in very pre-K handwriting (and spelling), every song there was in the world. Because the Beatles wrote them. And since my dad knew all their songs, now so did I. I even added the ones I heard at church. They weren't the Beatles, but they were good enough for my list. And, I wanted to know just a little bit more than my Daddy. Somewhere down the line I was introduced to Sonny and Cher on tv. (!!) Imagine my surprise to find out more people made songs... and on TV?! Well only two more. And how many songs could they write?... So my list grew.

Until one day. Dad was going through his record collection and giving me short history lessons behind the artists and all the good stuff daddies always know, like what song was in the top 50 and the first time he heard it and loved it instantly. By this time I could read and I noticed.... some of these records didn't say "The Beatles". (!!)

He went to the player and put on a small record. "You'll like this", he said. I wasn't quite sure it was possible to like any music other than the Beatles.... But, there was this beat... and then a voice came on...Shake your groove thang, shake your gooooove thang baby! (!!) I was 6, and I liked shaking my groove thang, whatever it was. And so my groove shook.. and shook.. and shook some more. I learned that day, The Beatles weren't the only people in the world who made music. There was Tony Bennett, Peaches and Herb, Andy Wilson, and Cher - by herself! I let go of my list of all the songs in the world. I figured I should leave that to Casey Kasem, because that was his job anyway.


Sam said...

This is a great post. you should do more like it. Neatest thing I've read in a few days. and funny!

Anonymous said...

Ahhh, a star is born!
Woo hoo!

disneymike said...

I'm a big Beatles fan too, particularly Paul McCartney, both with his band Wings and solo. I've seen Sir Paul in concert three times now and loved it every time! :)

Anonymous said...

This is the picture that led me to your blog...wow I remember that little girl so well...

too cool