Tuesday, March 1, 2005

I'm no Yan, but I can cook!

Of the 50 some odd pictures the photographer took, why he chose this one, I dunno. I look like I'm cookin' all girly-like. Like I'm about to jump back should one of the patties decide to hurl itself at me. And I'm smiling, a very goofy smile. Plus, that angle - those tall people with cameras and their wierd angles - kinda turned my ultra cool wrap around sunglasses into props from Ray.

When he interviewed me, I wanted to give him a fake name and tell him I was from an exotic far off place and this cookout was to raise money for me to buy a cabana boy during spring break. :-)

So I made the paper, front page.. in a little corner on the bottom right. Iddy bitty corner. :-D


disneymike said...

So, this is your five minutes of fame? LOL

I think you're right. This does NOT show off your cooking skills, sunglasses or smile to the fullest extent possible. ;)

disneymike said...

I forgot to mention I liked your clever Yan Can Cook reference. I wonder if anyone else got it.

Tygriss said...

:-) I get a few minutes here and there every semester. Sometimes I know about it sometimes I don't. Hmm, I'll have to write about a funny one.

As for Yan, I thought EVERYone knew Yan! I have one of his Rice Cookers from Walmart! My friend Sok enlightened me:

Sok : do u know who yan is
Me : i know he can cook
Sok : i think only asians know this
Sok : everyone else is like.. "who the hell is Yan??"
Me : *gasp*!

TheQuotient said...

Dude, I know Yan!!! His show, Yan Can Cook used to come on satellite back in Nigeria. Awesome entry ;-)

Anonymous said...

sometimes litle things can date you such as....

I own the Yan Can Cook book authored by none other than Martin Yan

I think I'll go and hide in my closet with a kitty now.