Friday, March 4, 2005

Doctor's note

I'm looking around on the UMC (univ. med. centr.) website for information on who to call to take care of my bills from last year. I have documents saying I'm covered 100%. But somehow, I got a collections notice for a hunk of change for x-rays. Ofcourse the # listed on the document has a generic message that says, "This number has been reserved for Texas Tech but is not in service. If you feel you've reached this message in error. Please hang up and try again." Why would I try again? I got the number right the first time! Will there be a "You are the lucky 103rd attempted caller, you will now be transferred to a live voice who can help you."

So I searched their website for a different number. Only I found this note:

"Make sure you can read the handwriting on any prescriptions written by your doctor. If you can't read it, the pharmacist may not be able to either."

Something about this is humorous to me. 'I'm sorry doctor, I can't read this. Please, write it again, a little nicer.'

For as much as they spend on advertising how UMC is the best in the South Plains, they could use some help in the paper work area. It would also help to rotate nurses more often. The one nurse I had scared the girl next to me within two breaths of death. And when she came to me, I begged her to take a walk and come back when she was more calm. Angry nurses with needles = bad.

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