Wednesday, March 9, 2005

2 things before I forget

One: I think I'm going to put out an ad for a personal assistant. I need one to keep up with all the paper/leg work that needs to be done. Whaddya think? Maybe I'll be lucky and end up with a hottie - Eeeee, yeah I know: keep dreaming.

Two: Dood. I met the guy who took over my internship last summer. Dood! DOOD!! That place rocks!!! I'm just a tad jealous that he was able to buy a WRX with his Co-Op money. He also lived at home the whole time. I'ts okay, come December, I'll have my STi - oh yes, yes I will. So this guy tells me that my bossman is hiring boucoup interns for this summer. I really-beyond-belief want to get someone an internship there with me this summer because it is just that awesome!! OMG it's soo awesome! The awesomeness is in the jobbie job, the field work, and most importantly the people! The people. Wow! I don't know what to say. They're just that cool! Seriously.

Oh and Three: Small random note that everyonce in a while I feel must be re-iterated...Karma. Karma can be your friend, or a total beeatch.

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