Tuesday, February 22, 2005

zoom zoom

I flew home on Friday to attend the Texas Section meeting of SAE and give a short presentation on our 1st year car. Dad was kind enough to leave my sweet trusty Accord at the airport for me the night before so I could drive it around.

Man, I miss the feel of a manual transmission. It feels oh, soooo good! The drive from the airport was great. I miss the sound of my car after I added the aftermarket air intake. I miss shifting gears, double clutching, and watching the tach rise to numbers that would make my dad's eyes bug. I don't know if I miss the feel of the suspension that needed to be replaced, but I missed how it felt hugging the curves on the overpasses. Hugging? Maybe clinging for dear life. I had that Accord for a long time. I named her Baby. Yes, she's a girl. A very girly girl and I loved her. She took me places, Florida, New Orleans, all over Texas. I've slept in her, taken trips to IKEA just to buy speaker stands. We've picked up hot dates, gone to expensive dinners, everything. I still carry her key on my keychain. Three years with my dad and she aged. Her carpet is all worn, her interior is faded. Her sunroof leaks. *Sigh*. Good times.

First thing after graduation (after securing the jobby job and the homestead for me and Vivi) is obtaining a car, something asian, something manual, something easy to work on. Maybe I'll ask for Baby back and fix her up. Maybe I'll do the grown up thing and let her go and adopt a sweet little convertible. Hmm. How 'bout I finish this semster first.

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disneymike said...

Yes, one step at a time, Hieu. It is exciting planning for a new car though! I do miss my manual transmission days. It's fun and thrilling to control the car with the precision of a stick shift. Alas, now I have matured (euphemism for getting older) and prefer automatic transmissions for my lengthy commute. Sigh.