Friday, February 25, 2005

Violins & Hip Hop

Jay Leno had these two brothers Damien and Tourie Escobar as guests on his show tonight. The two hip hop violinists call themselves Nuttin But Stringz and they played their creation,"Thunder". They started out playing on the A Train and now play for schools and benefits. Their sound was one of the most refreshing I've heard in a long time! I recommend checking out their music if you get a chance. I read an article saying they're coming out with an album in the summer.

I also have this special appreciation for violinists. I took violin in the 3rd and 4th grade. I remember the bloody finger tips, early morning practices, and listening to myself make crying/dying cat sounds the first couple of weeks. Good times. Good times.


disneymike said...

I've always wished I could play an instrument. I tried the clarinet in grade school and kept with it for a few months before it bested me. I do enjoy music immensely and find great pleasure listening to great music in all genres on outstanding equipment.

Tygriss said...

This is for EVERYone who's been linked here YahooSearchin information on these two guys:

Their website just came online (or atleast made available) recently:> There *is* talk about their debute cd.

Anonymous said...

These dudes is off da chain man!
This is like lil wayne and beethoven on the violin. These
dudes take music to a whole new level.I hope they stay at this cuz
they got mad skills!!!They remind me of when I played the violin.I play cello now but I got some MAD skills!!

Nate Taylor said...

These dudes are amazin! They remind me when I was playin back in the day. Now that I go to BENJAMIN STODDERT MIDDLE SCHOOL
I play Cello and I got some MAD skills yo!!!NBS NEED TO LET ME JOIN!Anyway, these dudes need to keep at it cuz they cant afford to lose such a great talent like this.

Tygriss said...

They are definitely awesome! Check out their website at for downloads and dates of their upcoming appearances... While you're at it, you should drop them a line. :-)