Thursday, February 10, 2005


When I was last in Houston over winter break, Judy asked me if I wanted to take the MugOfSanity(TM) with me. Foolishly, I turned it down. Now would be an ideal time for some Tension Tamer Tea in theMug.

So my school is hosting this big gala for engineers in about 6 weeks. Six weeks. In 6 weeks people from 4 states and Mexico will decend on my little dust bowl for competitions and we have no judges. What gets me is that I, exercising delegation skills, assigned Judge Finding to one of my students back in September of last year. Here it is, 6 weeks till, and we have no judges. He just now emails me asking where to look for them. And the left side of my head is scalpless. But that's not all. Behind door two, our VP has learned that the catering (which is holding up the budget, which is holding up the contract, which is holding up securing room rates) is apparently not important to the people who are doing our catering, who happen to be the same people we're renting space from, and who we have to get the contract to. The amount of suck = high.

On a brighter note. I had the lounge in our building measured for lockers! We'll finally have lockers so we won't have to tote what one of my classmates calls '50lb dead midgets' on our back.

81 days until this semester is over.

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Anonymous said...

Judy says "The witch and wizard of Houston say never refuse calming potions when offered..."Allen says "...At the tone, 80 days and 1 hour and 50 minutes until your hellish semester is over... BONG!