Thursday, February 17, 2005

People and Faith

Summer before last, one of my classmates called me and asked me what I thought about starting a team at school to build and compete in a collegiate race car competition. It sounded like a good idea, so I asked why I was getting the phone call. Turned out, they needed someone to 'start' the team. They had the man power, they needed an administrative leader. So sure. I took on the task. Why not? I like cars, I like boys. I like boys that like cars. And usually when you have amicable factors then good things happen.

Since that phone call, I've done my best to do all the registration and funding paperwork, meet with all the people that needed to be met. All that was left was for the team to get together, design and build the car. Two years later, after much poking and proding and pleading we have a frame, and an engine block.

Why so little? Well lets see, I've been told: "oh we have time", "Hieu you worry too much", " take a chill pill", "it'll get done." These are the same guys that have either slowly disappeared from the "team" or have opted to work on "other" projects or varying other excuses. When the time comes to gleam spotlight action, there are those that love to pop up with, "well i did this and this and that and this and we wouldn't have this if it weren't for me". Really, I ask where the hell were you two years ago? But, I tell you, when we won't have a tuned and fully functional car, or at worst a car at all it will come down to me. I know this because it always does.

Take today for instance. We had a meeting with our student goverment people. I had a prior engagement with another organization - such is the way it goes. I called to remind Mr. I'm the Leader Guy that there's a 2:45 meeting at 2:20. On my walk back to the building, I see Mr. Leader Guy walking out... it's 2:45. A little late huh? Well who's going to take care of it? Oh lemme guess me? Yeah. No.

I've given up counting on people. I try to not be this way, but honestly counting on people gets me know where but even further behind had I just done it myself. Maybe it's the SouthPlains mentality of the people that reside or attend school in my geographical location. Either way, I hope that the "real world", which consists of land masses outside the 200 mile radius that is this misplaced hell hole, is a lot more promising.


Anonymous said...

It doesn't sound like you're having the best day, Hieu. I'm sorry to hear that, but I'm sure that venting in your blog helps to relieve some of the stress at least. I know exactly what you mean about counting on people. It can by an exercise in frustration many times, but please don't give up because you're too young to get jaded. You have to wait until you're at least my age for that! LOL

Ok, so now what do you want me to do for you so I can follow through and restore your faith in people? :)


Tygriss said...

The daily interactions with my classmates tends to leave me in varying degrees of amazement or dejection (is that a word? it is now). Writing in my blog is my therapy. It's a lot nicer and easier on the karma than telling some of these people how I *really* feel :-P

As for restoring my faith? Your post on CowRelatedCuteness has done it :-D

disneymike said...

I'm glad to hear that Innocent Cow has helped cheer you up. I hope those friends who disappoint aren't readers of your blog! ;)

BTW, dejection IS a word, so no need to fret about that anymore. I can almost hear Hieu letting out a big sigh of relief! LOL

Oh, and how did mom like the Green Bamboo pic?

Tygriss said...

*siiigh* Yaaaa for new words!!

Mom liked the Green Bamboo, but thought they were too young. There was a long discussion on the differences... too long. Anyway, she's really into Peter Lik's Bamboo shot and actually asked if you could snap a picture of older bamboo :-D

disneymike said...

Older bamboos? Oh jeez! It's just not possible to please people, is it? LOL

Did your mother happen to suggest WHERE I could find some older bamboo? And please don't tell me something like Vietnam. ;)