Saturday, February 5, 2005

Kid Geniuses

This morning I had to get to campus at 7:45 to help grade for the local area MathCounts competition. The 6 and 7th graders first take a timed written test and "sprint" round. At the end, they face off one another and do a bracket elimination. The kid that won is a walking calculator!! Before the proctor could finish reading the problem, his hand was ready to hit the bell to ring in his answer!! And we're talking problems like: Say you have a jar with oodles of nickels and dimes and quarters, and some odd number of each of them. What's the value of 1/3 of the nickles + 1/5 of the quarters. WTH? Yeah.

I remember doing the math competitions when I was young. I was smart like that too. Then college made me calculator dependent.

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