Sunday, January 30, 2005

Thirty is a nice round number

This is my mommy and me at Cafe Madrid where we celebrated my big three-o with my bestest friends from all over Texas! We had tapas for the first time ever and they were excellent! I'll have pictures posted sometime later this week from the rest of my holidays - till then, everyone stay warm!


disneymike said...

Happy 30th birthday Hieuy!

Here's wishing you many more. Oh and BTW, what was your favorite tapa? There's a Spanish restaurant where I live that I've been meaning to try. I haven't had tapas before, but would love to sample some.

Tygriss said...

Thanks Mike!!
My favorite tapas included the Spanish piquillo pepper stuffed with goat cheese, garlic sauteed shrimp, calimari, and the plate with slices of 4 types of meat. Very Yummy! I hope your tapas experience is as good as mine was :-)

disneymike said...

Those all sound really great. I'd gladly try all of them. :)

Will said...

Happy Birthday. 30 is good.