Friday, January 21, 2005

The short version...

It feels scary to be back behind a keyboard again after going so long without having to stare at a screen, scroll, and tap to-do's in my Clie. *deeep breath* aaaaah.

So I had a decent holiday for once! The siblings came home and brought friends to celebrate the holidays. Mom cooked up a storm and sent us back to our college housing with coolers full of frozen home cookin goodness. I spent nearly two weeks playing Xtreme Home Makeover for my mom's new house. That was two weeks with a 20 foot ladder and a variable speed drill and many trips to the mall. Just like on TV, except I wasn't talking to make-believe people in a camera. I think mom secretly fell in love with the idea of having animals at home now that the kids are away. She fed Bowski and Vivaldi rice soup, potato soup, meatloaf, eggrolls, and chicken breasts. My birthday came and went over the holidays. I turned 23... for the 7th time. For the big celebration, my bestest friends and my mom celebrated with me at Cafe Madrid in Dallas. I got two huge bags of IKEA goodness, choice stationary from Crane's, lots of clothes, and a gift card. More importantly, I averaged about 12 hours of sleep a day. It sounds excessive, but I was making up for last semester.

It was all good, not a lot of tension. Even the drive back to Buttocks, Tx wasn't too bad. I spent the weekend before school rearranging my apartment with leftover home-makeover energy. I assembled my IKEA shelving arranged my multi-million-dollar collection of engineering textbooks on them which cleared up a acres of floor space now occupied by miles of ethernet cables.

Other fun stuff from the past few weeks you miss out on because I didn't have internet access: I met a hot guy from Spain, he gave me a ride in his new Jetta and put his phone number in my phone. I watched professional arm wrestling on the big screen while drinking a beer with another hot guy. I had bubble tea in Arlington with an old friend and got to ride in his new Prelude. I was told that I was the smartest girl that someone has ever met. And, I told atleast 6 times that I don't look a day older than 21.

And that's that. I'm back for my final year at Tech. It'll be fast, painful, furious, and finally over in no time. I can't wait!

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