Monday, January 24, 2005

Reality on TV

What I learned from TV this weekend:

Even if I lose a few more pounds and become super star quality, in 4 years, the best I could do would be to marry some guy 20 years older than me with an outrageous carrot colored coif. Throw aside that I could be in my physical 'prime' and probably as happy with myself as I could ever be, I'd be married to some unattractive man who has a name recognized around the world and a huge wad of cash. All the silk, satin and lace they could sew into my wedding gown could never make up for spending my life with that someone I couldn't daydream about naked.

It's either that or I end up a prime time drama episode centered around desperate MRS degree'd women. Imagine, married to a jailbound loser husband and haveing a hot underaged lover who has no fear of commitment. Why couldn't they make them non-commitment phobic *before* i had to go marry a freak.

None of it really mattered until the other day when some new guys I met pointed out that I'm old. Something I realized already. But there was more emphasis on asking *why* I was hanging out with 20 year olds. Seeing as how I live in a College town, I don't have a broader range to choose from. I wonder if I come across creepy like those old scrawny men that hide out in the mall and gawk and the Revlon wearing, over developed 15 year olds.

There needs to be a TV special where good looking smart chicks find good looking smart guys that don't have issues with simple stuff like having lunch, walking in to Victorias Secret, or how old the chick is. Yeah. Seriously.


Anonymous said...

First, we have the Observation (from some social Einstein): "You're old."
Hmmm, lets see here... socially impolite at best. However when said to (any) female then "'dem's fightin' werds" comes to mind. Most guys know these rules by the time they're in mid to late college. :)
Next, we have the Question: "*Why* [were you] hanging out with 20 year olds?"

Here's a possible answer:
1) This is Buttocks, TX
2) #1, above, sucks great big dusty rocks
3) Only really lame people would willingly choose to live (career, lifestyle, etc.) in #1, due to reason #2
4) You, being a sane person, choose to avoid socializing with #3
5) There's only one other significant demographic in #1 that provides a clear alternative to #3... and that's possibly wet-behind the ears, but occasionally amusing, college students... most of whom will be moving on from here soon - as will you! Hooray! :)

A in H-Town

Tygriss said...

And this is why I love you Allen!

Do you have a brother? Oh wait, *yes* you do... (insert: coy grin)

I'm counting down the days...106 left for this semester!

disneymike said...

Don't worry about what guys like that say. Just be patient until you find a guy that loves you just the way you are like Vivi does. :O)

Tygriss said...

Thanks Mike, you're right I should. :-D