Saturday, January 29, 2005

Nomination for the Darwin's

This is my submission for the Darwin Awards. I took this snapshot (click for a bigger picture) on IH-45 in Houston on my trip to visit my friends. What we have here is a highway on a Thursday afternoon during rush hour. What the arrows are pointing to, and what I tried to capture, is someone putting on mascara while driving... in rush hour.

Yes, I am trying to take a picture while driving, but let me point out: the camera is in front of me on the dash and the viewing screen works pretty much like a HUD (heads up display). I don't think the vanity mirror or the mascara brush has the same features. :-)


Citizen said...

If only. More likely she'll crash her massive SUV into some small car and kill a poor college student.

Or maybe she'll drive off a cliff. We can only hope.

Anonymous said...

Those of us doomed to live in Houston have also noticed that there is a "bubble of EVIL" that surrounds vehicles carrying trophy wife demons and their offspring (demonelles, demonites??). This bubble and its effects
(increased likelihood for accidents, near-misses, traffic cops) makes you more likely to sucuumb to road rage or start thinking that blood sacrifice might not be a bad idea.