Saturday, December 4, 2004

Saw "Saw"

Last night - or earlier this evening Kracker and I saw "Saw". Very "Seven"-ish. Very good. One warning about the movie's website - it's pretty much the movie. Scary movies scare the bu-cheezes outta me, but I make myself go see them. It's quite the rush to practice containing one's shit; it helps takes the edge of the short and fast semester that just flew by. Thankfully, there weren't any screaming chickies to unnerve me this time. At some point, I'm gonna see if he'll go with me to see TheGrudge.


Anonymous said...

But do you claw the crap outta the guy's arm while you try not to scream? (That's J-girl's trick.)
"...Have the lambs stopped screaming, Clarice?"
"Yeaarrrggghhh!" echoes throughout the room... not from the the Dolby THX system either.
A in H-Town

Tygriss said...

Haa haa no. If I tried that on Graham's arm, I'd probably be smacked silly! (You gotta here his Fry's Riot Story.)Instead I've perfected the art of rolling into a ball in a theatre seat. :-)